English's translation Eagle's Fable

English's translation Eagle's Fable:

The eagle: it's the bird with the longest lifespan of its species. It can live as long as 70 years, but in order to live that long, it must make a serious decision when it reaches the age of 40.  At that age, its curved and flexible claws aren't able to grab the prey on which it feeds to survive. Moreoever, its long and pointy beak is also curved. Its aged wings also press against its chest, weighted down by its thick feathers. Due to these factors, flying becomes very difficult! So then, the eagle at this point only has two alternatives: die or face a painful transformation process that lasts 150 days. This process consists of flying to a mountaintop and taking refuge in a nest among the rocks so that it doesn't have to fly. Then after barely settling down, it begins hitting its beak against the rocks until it falls off. After this, it must wait until it has grown a new beak with which it will pull out its old claws. And once its new claws start to grow, it begins the process of plucking out its old feathers. Then after five months, it takes off on its famous flight of rebirth and regeneration. And with that, the eagle is granted 30 more years of life. Sometimes we ask ourselves, "Why should we renew and regenerate ourselves?". Often times during our lifetime we must take shelter for a while so that we can begin the process of renewal. In order to be able to take off on our victorious flight of renovation, we must free ourselves from anything that binds us or weighs us down including habits and traditions of the past. Only when we have successfully thrown off the weight of the past, will we be able to take advantage of the invaluable result of renewal and renovation.

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